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Mantras and Mugshots

This was a two part workshop exploring positive reinforcement through creativity., working with Culture Weston and Alive Activities to bring joy to many groups in North Somerset.

Part one got people thinking about their mantras and coming up with positive statements about themselves or the world. These mantras were then turned into artworks using patterns relating to the words, or things that brought people joy. 

Participants were then encouraged to have a mugshot taken with their mantra to be added to our rogue gallery.

Part two was a delve into screen printing. Creating three layered screen prints using pre exposed screens with participants patterns on, and creating vinyl stencils of the mantras.

This culminated in a touring exhibition around the libraries of North Somerset. Which included all the participants artworks, their mugshots, books that each participants got to take away with their works in and a handcrafted fruit machine for people viewing the exhibition to create their own mantra! 

Make the Sunshine



Happiness Trail

Working with St Aldhelm's Primary School. I gave each student in the school a tin in which they had to write or draw what brings them joy. These tins were then affixed to fence posts which I hid all around the village.

I then asked the year 5 and 6 students to draw 'landmarks' of the village, which I then collated into a map with smiley faces showing where the tin posts were hiding. 

Students, villagers and visitors of Doulting could then follow the trail to find happiness on their walks!

Shepton Mallet Nub News article

Field house Care Home Collage

Working with Bowlish Infants School to create a large scale collage for a local care home. Students spoke to the care home residents asking what they would like in their picture, we imagined a beautiful garden lanscape filled with animals and plants. 

I collected waste materials and took them into the school for a very messy day of making colour and texture palettes

through monoprinting. 

These colour palettes were then used as collage material which the students broke into tiny pieces to fill in the picture.

Shepton Mallet Nub News article

Postcards for Change

A collaborative exhibition that showcased over 300 primary aged children's artworks from across the Mendips. Children were challenged to create a postcard describing one way they could change the future of the world.

Three artists videos were given with ideas/inspiration for how to create the postcards. The key themes were kindness, support and care for each other and the environment- whether that be smiling at somebody, cooking a meal, or recycling tins. 

Then all the artworks were displayed together in Shepton Malllet library. 

Picture This

Picture This was an exciting project for young people to get involved in thinking about the future of North Somerset, and the environment. 

Ramona Eve (community artist) and I ran a series of printmaking workshops that invited young people to make a response to the question, “What would a carbon neutral North Somerset look like?”.

Young people had the chance to make multiple prints, so they had something to take home, something to submit to an exhibition and something to inspire a social action poster campaign that encouraged a cleaner, greener, healthier future.

The workshops were fun, eco-friendly and accessible. Hoping that they encouraged activism in a colourful and imaginative way. 

In these workshops young people learnt a new skill and built confidence through having their work in a wider campaign, creating their own ripples of change.

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